Pop Up Museum

The Goodhue County Historical Society strives to promote the natural and cultural history of Goodhue County through outreach events and programs. We want to reach beyond the walls of the History Center to promote local history throughout Goodhue County, one way we can accomplish this is through a Pop Up Museum.

Image courtesy of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History

Upcoming Pop Up Museums: 

Theme: What does Cannon Falls mean to you?
 Location: First Thursday Fun Fest in Cannon Falls
When: Thursday, June 1   5 PM – 8 PM 

Bring in your object, photograph, or story related to what Cannon Falls means to you. Examples could include a picture of your first home in Cannon Falls, a copy of a menu from your favorite restaurant, a flyer or button from a great Cannon Falls event, an old door knob from your home, or even an old year book – the possibilities are endless!

Theme: Coming of Age
Location: River City Days in Red Wing
When: Saturday, August 5   9 AM – 5 PM

Celebrate your awkward phase! Bring in your object, photograph, or story related to when you “came of age.” Did you have a band that got you through middle school? Then, bring in that band’s album, t-shirt, or concert tickets. Did you suddenly need a retainer, glasses, contacts, etc? Then bring in your old retainer case, your first pair of glasses, or a picture of you wearing those items. We want you to feel empowered to share your story – we can’t wait to see what you come up with for this great Pop Up Museum!

What is a Pop Up Museum?
Pop Up Museums are temporary exhibits created by the individuals that show up to share their story or listen to other people’s stories. We will pick a theme and a venue. Everyone (especially you) is invited to bring an object related to that theme to share with the Goodhue County community. Pop Up Museums can happen anywhere, at anytime, as long as there are people who want to share their stories.

What can I bring?
We encourage you to bring any easily portable object or image that represents your story. The item you bring must relate to the theme of that particular Pop Up Museum. When you arrive you will write your own label to accompany the item you brought to share with the local community. We cannot wait to hear your story!

Please remember that Pop Up Museums are public events and people may want to handle your item. The Goodhue County Historical Society is not responsible for your items. You bring things in, share your story, and take it home when you leave the event.

What’s the point?
Pop Up Museums focus on recent history – your history. We want to come to where you are to learn about you, the citizens of Goodhue County.

Our hope is that people in the community will use Pop Up Museums to come together to engage in conversation through stories, objects, and photographs. Pop Up Museums allow participants to make meaningful connections with others and find commonalities with people across all walks of life. All of you are a part of Goodhue County history and we believe your stories should be shared and celebrated!

How can my organization/institution get involved?
Goodhue County Historical Society will host Pop Up Museums throughout the county partnership with community organizations, businesses, schools, and events. If you are interested in partnering with us to create a Pop Up Museum please contact the Education & Outreach Coordinator, Lindsey Rindo at education@goodhistory.org

Image courtesy of the Milwaukee Public Museum