A History of Learning

Goodhue County had 169 school districts. The first school district was established in Red Wing in 1855. Welch Valley School in Vasa Township was the last rural school to close in 1970.

The Goodhue County Historical Society has a collection of school records, ledgers, yearbooks, and photographs.

District #NameTownship
1Red Wing Public SchoolsRed Wing
2Wacouta SchoolWacouta
3Spring Creek Road SchoolBurnside
4Burnside SchoolBurnside
5Munson Hill SchoolWelch
6Peterson School or Nelson SchoolWelch
7Dibble SchoolStanton
8New Stanton SchoolStanton
9Old Stanton SchoolStanton
10Cherry Valley SchoolStanton
11Cannon Falls Public SchoolsCannon Falls
12Cannon River SchoolCannon Falls
13Five Mile SchoolCannon Falls
14Two SchoolsCannon Falls
15Tilderquist School or Norbotten SchoolVasa
16White Rock SchoolVasa
17Willow Vale - Hay Creek Valley SchoolHay Creek/Featherstone
18Spring Creek SchoolBurnside
19Featherstone SchoolFeatherstone
20Hay Creek Brick SchoolHay Creek
21Beckmark Corner SchoolHay Creek
22Flower Valley Hill School (originally 2 schools)Hay Creek
23Rock Creek SchoolHay Creek
24Frontenac SchoolFlorence
25Pleasant Valley SchoolFlorence
26Sunnyside SchoolFlorence
27Florence SchoolFlorence
28West Florence SchoolFlorence
29Central Point SchoolCentral Point
30Clear Creek SchoolBelvidere
31Belvidere High SchoolBelvidere
32Knutson SchoolBelvidere
33Crystal Spring SchoolBelvidere
34Brunckhorst SchoolBelvidere/Wabasha Co.
35Tether SchoolGoodhue
36Clay Bank SchoolGoodhue
37Carlson SchoolGoodhue
38Belle Creek SchoolBelle Creek
39Chandler-Schweiger SchoolBelle Creek
40Ryan Hill Top SchoolBelle Creek
41Wheat Road SchoolBelle Creek
42Spring Garden SchoolLeon
43Mount Carmel Academy SchoolBurnside
44Halvorson SchoolLeon
45Olson Lone Pine SchoolLeon
46Two Springs SchoolCannon Falls
47Wastedo SchoolLeon
48Banks University SchoolLeon
49Bryant SchoolLeon
50High Prairie SchoolWarsaw
51Washington School, Nelson School, or Jacobson SchoolWarsaw
52Ellingson SchoolWarsaw
53Veeks SchoolWarsaw
54Underdahl SchoolHolden
55Rauk SchoolHolden
56Dovre Stone SchoolHolden
57Finseth SchoolHolden
58Tasa SchoolHolden
59Fegan SchoolWarsaw
60Naeseth SchoolWanamingo
61East School and West School (2 Schools - later #168)Wanamingo
62Sevareid SchoolWanamingo
63Old Wanamingo SchoolWanamingo
64Hader SchoolWanamingo
65Doxy SchoolMinneola
66Grover SchoolMinneola
67Barr Clay SchoolMinneola
68Zumbrota Public SchoolZumbrota
69White Willow SchoolZumbrota
70Post SchoolZumbrota
71Central SchoolCherry Grove
72Lena Station SchoolPine Island
73Schleip SchoolPine Island
74Hayward SchoolPine Island
75Corner SchoolPine Island
76Klingsporn SchoolPine Island
77Pine Island Public SchoolPine Island
78Hovland School or Weckerling SchoolRoscoe
79Roscoe Center SchoolRoscoe
80Smogard SchoolRoscoe
81Roscoe SchoolRoscoe
82Bringgold SchoolRoscoe
83Collins SchoolRoscoe
84Ebenezer SchoolCherry Grove
85Spring Creek SchoolCherry Grove
86Cherry Grove SchoolCherry Grove
87Pine Vale SchoolKenyon
88Sugar Loaf Central SchoolFlorence/Wabasha Co.
89County Line SchoolWelch
90Hayman SchoolHay Creek
91Kenyon Public SchoolKenyon
92Husevold SchoolBelle Creek
93Oak Ridge SchoolFlorence
94Pirius SchoolMinneola
95Starz SchoolMinneola
96Hill SchoolFeatherstone
97Fairpoint SchoolCherry Grove
98Smoland SchoolVasa
99Holtan SchoolWanamingo
100Riggers SchoolPine Island
101Liffrig SchoolBelvidere
102Voth SchoolGoodhue
103Pleasant Valley SchoolRoscoe
104South Florence SchoolFlorence/Wabasha Co.
105Church Hill SchoolGoodhue
106Unnamed SchoolRoscoe
107Kettner SchoolPine Island
108Munson SchoolCherry Grove
109Maas SchoolPine Island
110White Willow SchoolZumbrota
111Alber's Brick SchoolZumbrota
112Lother Brick SchoolZumbrota
113German SchoolFeatherstone
114King SchoolWelch
115Featherstone Brick SchoolFeatherstone
116Fairview SchoolCherry Grove
117Bollum SchoolBelvidere
118Matthees SchoolGoodhue
119Upper Island SchoolWelch
120Union GroveCherry Grove
121Longfellow SchoolVasa
122Woodland SchoolHay Creek
123Unnamed School
124Triangle SchoolBelle Creek
125Hegseth School or Big Band SchoolKenyon
126Finnesgard SchoolKenyon
127Hill Avenue SchoolFlorence
128Wangs SchoolWarsaw
129Part of Forest MillsZumbrota/Wabasha Co.
130Forest Mills SchoolZumbrota
131Pearson SchoolVasa
132Lower Island SchoolBurnside
134Unnamed SchoolWarsaw/Rice Co.
135Ryan SchoolBelle Creek
136Fairview SchoolVasa
137Benway SchoolCannon Falls
138Dyreson SchoolMinneola
139Bloom SchoolWelch
140Bakke SchoolKenyon
141Unnamed SchoolPine Island/Wabash Co.
142Prahl SchoolGoodhue
143Trout Brook SchoolFeatherstone
145Ugland SchoolWanamingo
146Johnson SchoolCherry Grove
147Tommerass SchoolWarsaw
148Norway SchoolWanamingo
149AVasa Public SchoolVasa
149BVasa Orphans Home SchoolVasa
150Pagel School, Big Woods School, or Wagner Hill SchoolCannon Falls
151Unnamed SchoolHolden/Rice Co.
152Unnamed SchoolWarsaw/Rice Co.
153Hildebrandt SchoolHolden
154Nilan SchoolWelch
155Dennison SchoolWarsaw
156Skogen SchoolBelle Creek
157Hamilton SchoolRoscoe
158Hommedahl SchoolLeon/Wanamingo
159Helland SchoolKenyon
160Swenson Sunshine SchoolMinneola
161Flower Valley (former #22)Hay Creek
162Goodhue Public SchoolGoodhue
163Remold School or Bullis SchoolKenyon
164Stehr School or Bredehoft SchoolZumbrota
165Wanamingo Public SchoolWanamingo
166Prairie Creek SchoolStanon
167Welch Valley SchoolVasa
168Formerly 61EWanamingo
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