Temporary Exhibits

The Goodhue County Historical Society strives to bring a rotating schedule of temporary installations and traveling exhibits to our facility in Red Wing. Twice each year we debut a new installment in our township exhibit series. Visitors will find national and state-wide traveling exhibits in the Main Lobby. Check back often for our most up to date exhibit schedule.

Native Skywatchers

March 6–31, 2018

Carl Gawboy, River of Souls, 2015. Image courtesy of the artist.

Native Skywatchers: Earth Sky Connections is a traveling art exhibit that brings together professional and community artists to share visual stories, both personal and cultural, about multidimensional relationships to earth and sky. The Native Skywatchers initiative was founded in 2007 by mixed race native astronomer artist Annette S. Lee. Six years of NASA funding supported the science-focused branch of Native Skywatchers. Educator workshops and resources created by the Native Skywatchers team are supported by the Minnesota Department of Education and other educational institutions. Two native star maps: Ojibwe Giizhig Anung Masiinagaan and D(L)akota Makoce Wichanpi have been tremendously popular since they were created in 2012.

The over-arching goal of the Native Skywatchers initiative is to revitalize our human connection with earth and sky, starting with our own communities – Ojibwe and D(L)akota. The Native Skywatchers initiative weaves together art, science, and culture with authenticity and meaning. This work is truly interdisciplinary and inclusive. With growing momentum, this community based research and programming is at the cutting edge of defining indigenous STEM and what it means to work at the art/science nexus. The Native Skywatchers art programming looks to our cultural knowledge as a springboard to widening participation in the arts by native artists and community members. In this way we are all inspired to strengthen or rekindle our relationship to earth and sky…and our place in the above and below. Kapemni.  –Annette S. Lee 

To read more about Native Sky Watchers, check out this interview with artists Carl Gawboy and Annette S. Lee.

Electrifying Minnesota

Now on view through April 2018

The ability to create electricity has transformed lives in Minnesota since 1882. Today, we often take electricity for granted. But imagine having electricity available at the flick of a switch for the first time! Imagine, too, how we will generate electricity in the 21st century. Electrifying Minnesota invites you to rediscover a sense of wonder about how making and using electricity shapes our lives.

Minneola & Stanton Townships

Now on view through January 2019

Image courtesy of the GCHS

Explore Minneola and Stanton Townships, two communities connected by Highway 52. Stories about these townships include the Zumbrota and Barr Clay factories, the ghost towns of Cascade and Old Stanton, the Oxford Mill and ruins, a ski jumping club, the Stanton Airfield, and the Cascade and Byllesby Dams.